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"…to be spiritually minded is life and peace." - Romans8:6b KJV

New Life Enrichment Services

NEW LIFE ENRICHMENT, LLC is a clinical and educational consulting practice owned by Muriel Kennedy, PhD. We use a variety of therapeutic techniques combined with a multidisciplinary sociocultural ecological approach in meeting the diverse clinical and psychoeducational needs of our clients.

We offer clinical and psychoeducational consultation, educational resources, instructional material, psychoeducational trainings and workshops, school-based consultation, classroom management strategies, resources and direct support in meeting the diverse needs of individuals, families, organizations and educational institutions, on a contractual basis. Our goal is to proactively provide individuals, families, organizations and institutions with the information, resources and support needed to address their identified concerns from a strengths-based perspective.

Our Mission

To strengthen, motivate and inspire individuals, families, organizations and educational institutions to achieve their highest potential through the provision of high-quality clinical and psychoeducational resources, consultation services and support from a culturally-informed, positive, strengths-based perspective.

We put people over profit and genuinely care about the individuals, organizations and educational institutions that we serve; and our love for people and passion for what we do will be apparent in the manner in which our services are provided.

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